We match companies depending on their location, industry, business purpose,tenders and offers.

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Join b2b

B2B matching platform


How it works

Step 1

You register

You fill form and register your company for free at JoinB2B. Companies registered on joinB2B share their target country and industry, business purpose and offered products (services) as well as tenders.

You register
We match and send notification
Step 2

We match and send notification

Our unique matching algorithm matches companies depending on provided registration information. Companies get notified immediately when they are matched with other companies.

Step 3

You connect and write direct messages

JoinB2B gives a chance to its users directly contact companies of their interests.

You connect and write direct messages
Hot deal
Step 4

Hot deal

The registered companies find business partners and increase their B2B sales.

How It Works
Advantages of JoinB2B
icon free

All the services of JoinB2B are free.

Free services of JoinB2B: registration, company matching, direct messaging and offers, services, tenders sharing.

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Advanced search system

An advanced search system of JoinB2B helps users to find business partners as well as demanded products (services) and tenders.

icon marketing tool

Effective B2B marketing tool

JoinB2B will always keep your partners and competitors in your horizon of view and will keep you connected with them. Companies post their products (services) and tenders on NewsLine. Posting on NewsLine makes companies more visible and they are more likely to find their potential business partners.